Earth Hour Edinburgh

Switching off the lights on the Forth Rail Bridge, seen above in all its rusty-red splendour, was one of Edinburgh's civic contributions to Earth Hour yesterday. For some reason, this bridge is illuminated every night. Yes, it's a feat of 19th Century engineering - the world's first major steel bridge. No, we don't need to see it lit up at night.

During Earth Hour you would still have seen its partner road bridge illuminated in a ghastly orange glow reflected off the clouds.

These photos were taken by our intrepid Austrian friends right at the end of their round-Scotland bike trip in the summer.

In our household, we lit candles, turned off the lights and the TV and the computer(s). My husband and son were felled by sleep almost immediately - husband on the sofa, teenage son stretched out on the floor. My daughter and I looked at each other, sighed, and spent a peaceful hour reading by candlelight in a Jane Austen-ish way. Perhaps as a result of aligning body clocks to earlier darkness we were up with the sun this morning and on our way to the allotment by 8 a.m.


  1. Must be the geeky engineer in me, but I think the old bridge is gorgeous. We recently added blue lights to Vincent Thomas bridge from San Pedro to Terminal Island. - they are quite nice in the evening but I hope they turn them off later in the night.
    LOL about the men falling asleep - how nice to read together with your daughter.

  2. I would love to see that bridge at night. It has plenty of character and I have never seen a similiar one.

  3. I have to agree I prefer the older bridges, they have so much more character. Many Ontarians did their part for Earth Hour, I believe London, Ontario reduced hydro consumption by 11% for that hour. I was down with the flu so I turned off all the lights and white noise and went to bed to recover!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. The first shot seems to me like monstrosity from another world.
    The nightshot is in a great diffuse light - It pleases me so much.

  5. I think old bridges are really neat,looks like your daughter will have a nice trip, can't wait to hear about it.


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