Ben Rinnes (4)

My daughter trudges up towards the outcrops of rock at the top of Ben Rinnes. Away to the right the heather fires are still burning. And that eagle is still soaring...

Life has been too busy here lately for much in the way of posting and reading other blogs, and I've just realised that things are about to get even busier over the next week. After that I intend to have a luxurious catch up on all the great photos I've been missing.


  1. The last three posts are beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing and thank your daughter for taking them. Have a great week.

  2. beautiful shot, the camaieu in grey covering the hills , magic !

  3. It could have been from Nepal if you had just said so.

  4. Wow, all those layers are amazing!

  5. Haha, the same eagle as in the last photo :)))
    What a wonderful atmosphere! Everybody in Austria is enthusiastic about Scotland and its great landscape. So when I see your picture I want to come for a hike immediately :) Thank you for sharing!


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