Edinburgh International Harp Festival

The venue for the Edinburgh International Harp Festival this week - Merchiston Castle School, on the southern outskirts of Edinburgh. It's a boys' boarding school the rest of the time, very strong in rugby. This week it's populated by harp players (and harp-carriers like myself) from all over the world.

The headmaster gets rather a lovely house, complete with a bit of ivy-clad castle ruin in the back garden.

The ruin is part of Colinton Castle, built in the 16th century, destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in 1650, rebuilt, then destroyed again in the 18th century on the instructions of the Scottish painter Naysmith to create a picturesque ruin.


  1. wow what a home the headmaster has! your photos are beautiful

  2. Now that's interesting, I've never heard of a ruin being made at the instructions of an artist!

    I enjoy all the little glimpses into Scotland you provide me with.

    Thanks :-)

  3. Thats really a lovely house!
    Love Scottish music with harp and wish to be there at the festival.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful home. Even the ruin is beautiful. I have several Scottish ancestors so I am looking forward to getting to know you and a bit about Scotland.

  5. Wow, how cool to have a ruin of a castle in the backyard. I wonder if there are any ghosts that live there! :-)

  6. These photos are simply beautiful both in subject and in photo quality and composition. The second one is especially lovely...and to destroy a castle for a photo op!!
    A harp festival, oh how I wish I could bear witness to that. My first meditation lessons were done by an instructor who played harp for us...they were some of the best meditations I have ever experienced.
    Thank you for sharing and do enjoy yourselves


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