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One of the delights of the Edinburgh International Harp Festival is the harp makers' exhibition. Gorgeous harps, in various woods, with clean, simple lines or intricately carved. Last year we researched a new harp for my daughter, involving trying the various makes, comparing tone and feel and looking for that indefinable quality that would tell her that this was 'her' harp. She found it it one of Frank Sievert's harps, in maple with a cedar soundboard. The photos above and immediately below show some of Frank Sievert's range of harps, with Mr Sievert in the photo below.

Most of the harps in the exhibition are the small celtic lever harp, but for those branching out into the concert harp and with £10,000 (around 11,000 euros) to spare for a starter harp, there are lovely instruments like these:

We've been North for Easter, and away from internet connection. I'm looking forward to catching up on posts I've missed elsewhere.


  1. They are beautiful works of art!!

  2. What wonderful instruments. There is a beautiful harp in the first photo and the ones in the last picture are gorgeous along with some pretty great art on the wall. You photos are lovely. Thank you for sharing this event with us over the past week or so. Have a great week.
    P.S. my verification word is "allart"

  3. Very intersyting post and beautiful instrument !

  4. Oh they are beautiful indeed, such intricate carvings and gorgeous wood! I can imagine that they must be extremely expensive.

  5. they are beautiful! more than just to play music, beautiful to look at also..

  6. It's a dream to see so many harps. The smaller Celtic harps are beautiful!


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