Speyside spring

The first trees to blossom on Speyside are the geans, or wild cherries. This one by the banks of the River Spey was like a beacon of spring when we were there two weeks ago. The ridge behind the tallest trees is Ben Rinnes. There's just the tiniest speck of snow left on the hill, under one of the branches in the centre of the photo.

By this time the trees round about will have come into leaf, and I wish I was there to see spring unfold there. I haven't spent a whole year on Speyside since I was 18, and each time we return I long to see the next step in the season, and then the next, instead of a snapshot. Edinburgh is a beautiful city, but it isn't where my heart lies.


  1. Two very lovely scenic photographs. Thanks for the link on Ben Rinnes. I shall enjoy looking at it. Edinburgh is indeed a beautiful city and I loved my visit there all those years ago, but my heart is and always has been in the country and I loved my visit to the Highlands and hope to return one day for another.

  2. Picture Perfect.
    I love the blue of the water and the green grass looks so pretty next to it. White tree in the middle and then the blue sky. Really pretty!!

  3. They're beautiful pictures, I really must explore the Highlands more sometime soon. As you may know I'm not from Scotland, but from down south. But I don't feel a particularly strong tie to England - I love living in Glasgow and love the countryside further north, so I'm sure whatever happens job-wise we might well move back at some point.

  4. Beautiful photos! so peaceful

  5. It certainly looks lovely to me.

  6. You're getting even closer!

    I climbed Ben Rinnes many years ago and plan to do it again soon with some friends. I remember it being pretty steep near the top. It was a hot day and I did a lot of huffing and puffing!


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