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it must also be time for this:

The German Christmas market arrives in Edinburgh this week. When I was in Princes Street on Monday lunchtime the market place was full of screwdrivers being wielded, displays set up, hands being shaken in a Germanic manner, and lots of German chat as stall owners were re-united with each other from wherever they migrate to the rest of the year. The centre of town is busy with German hire vans and lorries, negotiating our chaotic roads with some flair.

But since Monday we've had westerly gales and horizontal rain, and a forecast of gales and rain for the rest of the month. The stall being set up above is west facing...


  1. I know this market very well. I also know that part of the Scottish market section this year will include a cheese toastie stand that will also be selling mead. I'm very, very excited.

    Of course I'll have to get myself some good German chocolate and some landjagers as well. hooray for the market! I do hope the weather improves or it's going to be a terrible winter for everyone.

  2. I do like to visit and sample the gluwhein (spelling?), but i oculd be tempted by a toastie and some mead. x

  3. Linda, I'd like to take a walk in this market and visit the fine town of Edimburgh.

  4. From what you write and from what PurestGreen has written it sounds like a wonderful time of year. I absolutely love open markets. It sounds like your weather has been much like what our west coast is getting. We have had horrific gales but the lower mainland of British Columbia is suffering though record flooding. Keep smiling and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Purest Green, if you want mead we have a bottle of Moniack Castle mead bought on honeymoon (appropriate, eh?!) nearly 25 years ago. Rather touching that we keep moving it from house to house over that time!

    And along with Pietro, Carolyn and Jacqui, it would be fun to have a bloggers' visit to the German Market. Perhaps we might manage an Edinburgh/Central Belt one at least? Have a think about it.

  6. Now, this is very interesting! I now realize it is possible to visit Scotland AND also see the German Christmas market at the same time...hmmmm, the wheels are turning in my head about future trips across the pond!

  7. I am late on my blogging work, now I understand the ferris wheel's purpose. I hope that the weather changes and things can happen in more pleasant weather. I would really enjoy seeing that festival as I collect various Christmas ornaments, antique looking in origin.


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