Watery Wednesday - Glen Grant water

Dark, peaty water. The stuff Glen Grant whisky is made of. This is the Glen Grant burn ('burn' is the Scots word for stream) rushing down towards the distillery, almost as if it's in a hurry to be turned into the water of life.

Once the water destined for steeping with the malted barley has been piped away securely into the distillery, the burn is divided again. The narrow channel in the foreground takes water into a lade, from which it will be pumped to condense the distilled spirit.

What's left - and there's plenty - goes rushing free, down through the village and into the River Spey. Growing up on Speyside, water for me meant two things - whisky and salmon fishing.

This is my first Watery Wednesday post. I don't quite know why I'm joining another meme. I have no time as it is. But when I saw these photos from the summer in my folder they whispered 'Watery Wednesday' to me.

Enjoy visiting watery delights here.


  1. Welcome to Watery Wednesday.
    It must be nice to stand on the bridge and look down at the rushing water.

  2. Glad you joined! This was very interesting photos and I enjoyed your commentary too!

    Come and visit, I'd love to see you - http://quilt--works.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi Linda, you have just reminded me how long it is since we visited Glen Grant. We enjoyed a wee dram in the little the little summer house. It's a great place and I enjoyed your pictures.

  4. What an interesting location. Why is that water specifically destined to become whiskey? Is it just because it's there or is there specific traits that the whiskey makers are looking for in the water?
    What a unique and fun set of photos for Watery Wednesday! :)

  5. So that's where the whiskey comes from? LOL! Lovely photos and post.

  6. Very interesting shots and story. A pretty setting too.

  7. Interesting post, Linda. In Scotland you have such charming landscapes. I remember them with pleasure as I've been in Edibourgh (fine city) and in the countryside when I was a child.

  8. So the whiskey is water of life? To me water is the water of life. The water looks so anxious to be refined to something better!


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