The Maisie expedition - part 1

What other way to travel on my expedition to buy 'Maisie comes to Morningside' for my Occasional Giveaway than by the number 23 bus. I had intended to take it from the terminus in Trinity, beside the Firth of Forth, up to the hills of Morningside. But time was against me, as it generally is at the moment (and hence the delay in posting this). So instead I started at Canonmills. Does anyone else remember when the Edinburgh bus stop signs had a little grid into which the bus numbers were slotted on small metal plates? As a child visiting Edinburgh on holiday I used to long to have the job of going round the city changing the wee numbers. Not that they ever seemed to change in those days.

Here's the 23, lumbering round the clock at Canonmills.

On up Dundas Street. The red bar is the handrail across the front upstairs window. Of course I was sitting in the front seat.

The Mound and the Castle, looking summery:

And so to Morningside, looking south to the Pentland Hills and the zig zag of the dry ski slope at Hillend:

Tomorrow - the bookshop, and a little bonus at the end of the expedition.


  1. What a beautiful day! And your shots are wonderful - thanks for the tour.

  2. Oh, this is lovely. Just lovely. Can't wait for the next bit.

  3. I agree that the castle and the grounds surrounding it look very summery; nice pictures!

  4. I so enjoy your bus adventures. Makes me smile every time.

  5. thanks for the ride in sunny Edinburgh ;)

  6. I enjoyed the ride in the number 23 bus! Sitting in the front seat up on top is a great place for I discovered in London one day.


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