Skywatch Friday - cloud chasing

Yesterday I chased these ribs of clouds all the way to work. Seen first of all above an allotment site that borders the Water of Leith walkway:

For the next while, 10 minutes on the flat through a green tunnel of trees, I lost them. Emerging from the trees near Canonmills, my cloud ribs were behind me, and I thought that was the last I'd seen of them.

15 minutes later, after the long pull up Broughton Street, I saw them in front of me beyond the towers of St Paul's and St George's church. Losing definition, but still together in formation.

Another uphill stage, 5 minutes of fast walking past John Lewis and up towards Princes Street:

By this time they're beyond the Victorian grandeur of the Balmoral Hotel, heading south.

Up on to North Bridge, and the castle and Royal Mile skyline set the cloudscape off beautifully:

On the last long pull up North Bridge, I've lost my cloud ribs among a whole family of them.

More skies around the world are at Skywatch Friday.


  1. Thank you for chasing the clouds for us! and catching the tops of the elegant buildings, too.

  2. White lines
    diagonal beauty
    cloud haiku.


  3. Great photos, Linda. These are notable shots of the city in your journey with the rib clouds. In the first two shots, the clouds remind me of birds in flight. Beautiful skywatch photos.

  4. What fun!!! The very first photo made me think of birds flying in formation!! Nicely done, Cloud Watcher!!!

  5. That's a cool sequence of photographs. It's good you had the eye to see something like that.

  6. Beautiful designs by clouds. Love those beautiful buildings.

  7. That's a fascinating set of clouds, very unusual. Great Skywatch post!

  8. What a fun narrative about the clouds, I love it! I took a look around your blog too and really enjoyed, you've recruited a new follower :o)

  9. Dear Linda!
    I love your blog!
    We (my husband and I) lived two years in Scotland - and I terribly miss it, I have to admit.
    Your blog brings a lot of good memories back, thank you! - and inspired me two write as well... it helps and is a lot of fun (I never thought that).

    Greetings to Scotland and
    my best wishes to you


    (Pls don't see my language errors, I still have to learn a lot)

  10. Beautiful. Makes me think of a spine of some giant animal. The rest of the creature has vanished and these bones are the last whispers. Just lovely. Well done, cloud chaser!

  11. What a merry chase! I love that second shot :D

  12. Wow, thats an unusual formation of clouds, but it looks really beautiful!! Awesome captures!!

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  13. i didn't know the seson of hunting clouds was open ;)Nice serie !

  14. Lovely clouds, amazing architecture, great framing!

  15. Not just beautiful clouds but also a tour of Edinburgh, wonderful.

  16. So many beautiful views along your way to work!

    The "ribs" in the first two images remind me of how my grandfather taught me to draw simple birds when I was quite young. =)

  17. You sure did find great things to put in the foreground below the horizon. I like all the little sheds and the castle like building is fantastic.


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