It's that time again

Time to make a foray into Gaelic culture and travel to the northernmost tip of mainland Britain. The Royal National Mod is in Caithness this year, so we're packing up the clarsach (harp) and heading into what will be uncharted territory. Shamefully, despite Scotland being a small country, I have never been to this north eastern quarter.

The photo is of the front cover of the Mod programme. Some of it is translated into English, some not. There's enough English to give a glimpse of the range of categories. From the children's classes: 'Ancient Folk Tale (age 9-10). Tell a story in traditional style' and 'Bible Reading (age 13-15). Read at sight from the Bible'. In Gaelic, of course. Some of the most hotly contested classes are for Gaelic choirs. I hope we might have time to hear something of these.


  1. It is very much in the local pres here, as you would expect. Hopefully we will see you in Lewis for next year's Mod! xx

  2. Judging by that cover it looks like beautiful country. Look forward to your photos from the trip.

  3. I have never been so far north eastern either but i plan a trip to Orkney Islands next year ....
    that's the way ;)

  4. Have a great time -I look forward to anything you report back. :)

  5. Enjoy the views on the A9. But keep your eyes on the road (as the bends get more extreme as you go further north)

    The curious thing is that the Mod is being hosted by an area that has a Norse rather than Gallic tradition and language. It is above all a very hospitable corner of the country.

  6. That is a beautiful scene on the cover. I have places in Iowa that I have not seen but my visiting brother from Arizona goes to see them.


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