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Sometimes you just can't help knowing what's going on in your bit of the world, even tho you've no interest in it. I do not follow football (soccer). I don't know the rules of football. No-one in our house watches football on TV, or goes to see a match.

If you live in Edinburgh it's pretty inescapable however that there are two big football clubs. One called Hibernian (Hibs), and the other Heart of Midlothian (Hearts). They are huge rivals. I know where the two big football stadiums are, but I'm not sure which belongs to which club. Nor could I tell you the colour of their football strips.

But thanks to the notice in the window of a pub in Broughton Street, I am now informed that Hibs is looking for a new manager.

(edited to say that football evidently confuses me so much that I forgot to put a title to this post.)


  1. Alas Poor Yogi - I did like him - a real true Leith man. xx

  2. If you should think of watching some game after all, skip the TV because the commenters talk a lot of crap, and don't go for Hibs or Hearts because it may be awkward to be in such crowds. Go to some smaller arena where the lower divisions play, and you are nearer to the action. There you might see the fun of it.

  3. It takes a brave woman to admit she doesn'f follow football in Scotland, I am sure. I, too, bravely assert that neither I, nor the rest of my family, have any idea what is going on with American (NFL) football, either. We are truly in the minority here, and we are out of the mainstream conversations at this time of the year. Funny, isn't it?

  4. We are the same with our oval shaped football games. We just don't care, don't watch and hate it when they bump off our shows for them.

  5. Hehe, funny window-message

    Thanks for comment on my blog, I love to follow and see pictures around this blog-world ;)

    (I`m not that good in writing english, but I hope you understand some of it ;)

    So long from Norway

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog! My Glaswegian husband likes to keep me posted in regards to football, and I dig it.


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