All's well that ends well

I'm happy to report that our tourists are on their feet and enjoying the wonders of Scottish scenery. Whatever it was that laid them low has passed. my bet is that they were escaping from an attack of the Highland midge, but many other creative suggestions were made.

And the rabbit is still there.


  1. Wait a moment...I see the guy in the cotton shirt who was by the van door. And I see the girl who had fallen astray near the picnic table. But where did they put the body of the guy in the striped shirt they appeared to have run over? Has the DI been called out on this?

    And what IS up with that bunny?

  2. Glad you liked it, Babzy!

    Dragonfly Dreams, I think the striped shirt guy is what turns out to be the wee lad in front of the van. But then again perhaps it isn't... No sign of PC McTavish.

    And like you, I have my suspicions about the bunny.

  3. Whew! The poor lad does seem to be quite jolly posing at the front of the vehicle. My mind has now been set to rest.

    A side note: I am pleased to report that it actually helps to open the blogs to full screen to view the photos. But, to think of what I have been missing up until this point ...{{{shudder}}}

    Perhaps the bunny is a descendent of the cute little furry creature from my favorite Monty Python movie...naw, that's just silly. :-)

  4. i appreciate your sense of humor. these are great pictures. glad all is well now. nice to see everyone is back on their feet and i see they have finished their picnic.

  5. Thank goodness - now we can all relax - they are all happy again!

  6. This really made me laugh!

  7. What a happy looking group! Seeing that van reminds me of the Volkswagan camper bus we used to own. My daughter and I drove all the way back from Boston to Los Angeles some years back. Just the two of us. We had some interesting experiences touring our country.

    How I would love to tour Scotland. Don't suppose that will happen now. I'm getting too old for a long trip like that. I certainly wish, though, that we had traveled more when we were younger.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog some time ago when I went to hear Perlman. It is nice that you have lots of music in your house. I'll bet your daughter and son play some duets. At least I hope they do, there are some really good concertos written for violin and viola. How long have they been playing?

  8. Thanks for giving me my morning smile. This is such a great photo. I had to go hunt down the history and in the process passed many fine photos Linda. I'll be back to catch up!

  9. How funny. And re. the midge - it's the most obvious explanation and it evaded us all!!

  10. No prosecutions then I assume. I'd watch that dog with the picnic basket!


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