Scottish Saturday - a Bach sandwich

Inspired by Fay at The Wind and The Wellies, who posted last week about her Orkney Saturday, I thought I would set out my day yesterday. Saturdays apart, do check out Fay's lunchtime walk at Beach Action. I think you'll envy her having this walk on her doorstep to clear her head.

But back to the metropolis - or back to Bach, as the day started just off Princes Street at St Cuthbert's church with my daughter going to a 9.30 a.m. rehearsal for the evening performance of the St Matthew Passion. I headed up to the Usher Hall box office to buy my ticket, only to find that the tickets had been taken down to the church for sale at the door that evening. The rehearsal was short, because my daughter and her choir mates from school were only involved in the initial chorus, so we had time on our hands before our next appointment, and what better way to spend it than to wander through the weekly Farmers' Market.

Purchased: some locally-made chocolate from The Chocolate Tree , and a large loaf of light rye bread from the German baker Falko. This loaf would weigh ever heavier on us as we walked the length of Princes Street, acquiring more shopping as we went. Note to self - always take a string shopping bag when going to the Farmers' Market. We did eventually break into the bar of maple and pecan chocolate to sustain us.

Still taking it in turns to carry the huge loaf, we made for our appointment in the high fashion temple of Harvey Nichols. It's not easy to appear stylish and chic while traversing this fearsome 'if you have to ask the price you can't afford it' store while clasping a fraying paper package shedding a light dusting of flour, but I'm confident we pulled it off.

Just time after that to get the bus home, deposit the loaf - at last! - cook a meal, and head out again for the 6.30 start of the performance. I don't have a photo of the venue - by the time I thought of it in the morning we had The Loaf to deal with, and in the evening there was no time for framing a shot.

An evening of sublime music, even if the pews of St Cuthbert's felt a trifle hard after 3 hours. And the loaf was very good indeed with lunch today.


  1. Ah - St Cuthbert's parish features heavily in some branches of my family tree! And - I nearly went to the farmer's Market yesterday too! I wonder if we would have recognised each other. Harvey Nicks was a favourite lunch out for my middle daughter and I. Thanks for such a lovely walk. xx

  2. Another lovely tour about town with you! Thanks.

  3. What a fun day you had, that chocolate looks amazing! And you are so lucky to have your daughter singing in such a loverly concert, I love St-Matthew's passion!

  4. Looks like a good time and that chocolate looks devine.

  5. St Matthew Passion is probably the greatest thing you can do as an amateur choir singer. As a tenor I have been through it a couple of times here in Stockholm. In Edinburgh, do they sing it in English or German?

  6. Oh my three hours on unpadded pews. The first couple of hours you probably didn't notice with the grand music. We attended an organ concert a few months back in a large church of a guy who was retiring. He played a few bach pieces and it was grand Oh the chocolate must have been good.

  7. Sounds like the perfect Saturday - and that chocolate!!! I'm hungry now.

  8. how fun for your daughter to be singing Bach in a choir. i enjoyed reliving the day with you and the chocolate looks lovely. i was having a bit of a laugh about the bread ... it's like one of those kid's stories, a bit like Paddington Bear, where one thing dominates the story and it makes it hilarious to read. thanks also for the link to wind and the wellies ... it's a very nice read.

  9. Just toured your blog, I'm planning my first trip to Scotland in June. Touring blogs written from Scotland is better than searching the internet for tourist info! Your pictures are beautiful.

  10. AWESOME! I bet the concert was fab! Would love to have been there! AND for a trip through the Farmers Market!

  11. Sounds lovely. Yummy choc! Bach sandwich because of 'Ripieno?'

  12. Jacqui, what fun if we'd recognised each other! My daughter was a bit long-suffering while I was taking photos, but since there was a film crew going round the stalls no-one was noticing me with my little camera.

    RedPat, you're welcome. I'm so busy at the moment that I'm really just going to and from work, then to concerts at school in the evening. So an excursion in the town centre was a refreshing change!

    Karine and Farmchick, it was a fun day, and we really had to resist buying up the chocolate stall.

    Svenske Floyd, I'm not a singer myself, but I can see what a marvellous experience it must be to be 'inside' that music. Choirs here sing the St Matthew Passion in German.

    Larry, you're right, it was just in the last hour that I began to realise how hard the pews were. Bach organ music is wonderful too - you must have had a great concert.

    Christine, next time you're in Edinburgh let me know and we can visit The Chocolate Tree for a bloggers' get-together.

    Journeys to Scotland, glad you enjoyed my day vicariously, and your visit to The Wind and The Wellies.

    Bonnie, do let me know what your plans are for your trip to Scotland.

    Kristina, you'll have to add the Farmers Market to your list for your visit.

    Foody, yes, that's one possibility! I am becoming educated in music through my children, and I gather that here 'ripieno' means the full choir without a soloist.

  13. It was so lovely reading about your wonderful day. Since I have been a professional musician for most of my life, I can truly appreciate how great the Bach concert was. I love playing Bach, particularly the Bach Preludium for violin. Of course I don't play much any more, being all of 84 years old next month, but I joined the Musicians Union when I was 19 so have been paying dues for a long long time.

    I too, being a chocoholic, loved reading about about the tasty chocolate, so much so that I had to get myself a piece of my special chocolate that comes in huge chunks. Oh so good!

    I am just lately back to reading blogs and will be back to writing on mine in a couple of weeks after having taken a little time off. I needed the rest!

  14. What a wonderful day you've had - sorry its taken me so long to catch up with your blogs! Its lovely to see what you've been upto!

    I'm fair chuffed fir ye hen, whit a braw day you've a' hid!


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