Peebles Highland Games

The highland games season is drawing to a close. Peebles was lucky last weekend to have glorious sunshine for its games. The pipe band competition is a major part of the Peebles games, and these photos are courtesy of my daughter, who was there to support her school band - George Watson's College.

Before heading into the arena to play, the pipes have to be tuned. Here's the school band tuning up. Notice the electronic tuner being held up to one of the drones.

Over 200 students learn piping or drumming at the school, feeding in to the three bands. They enjoy huge success, winning World championships and touring to Japan every year.

The kilt is no obstacle to whizzing down the inflatable slide if you're one of the younger band members:

When the competition part of the games is over, the bands process through Peebles with their trophies carried before them. Another successful outing for the school by the look of it.

A sea of pipes and drums:


  1. I think that everyone seems to look good in a kilt. Looks lie it was a great day.

  2. What a wonderful event. That would be so fun to attend and soak in the atmosphere of all the youth working and playing. I like the one guy with the chicken decoration on his head.
    My kids were into Jazz Band over here and we use to go to the all day state competitions by 60 different bands. When I hear jazz being played at a restaurant speaker system I can identify the songs from hearing so many bands playing them.

  3. What fun!!! We have Highland Games in Montreal as well and they're always super popular.

  4. nice serie , sun is changing life isn't it ;)

  5. I really would have enjoyed hearing those bands! I'm glad your daughter's band was successful in the competition.

  6. I'd be afraid to go down the slide in a kilt! Whew!

  7. Oh, I wish your blog came with audio! Thank you for sharing these photos.

  8. Oh this is getting me all nostalgic now! I played (pipes) in that event for about 15 years - last time I did it was 2006, I think. Peebles was always the last competition of the season and we were always so cheesed off it was on a Sunday - meant you couldn't have a really good drink to round the competition season off! ;-)


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