100th post - student projects

The University of Edinburgh's George Square Gardens are studded with the remnants of students' work during our brief period of snow last week. Goodness knows what discipline was responsible for this modernist creation. Any suggestions? The remains of more traditional snowmen and women can be seen throughout the gardens.

These are apparently nothing compared to the student efforts at the universities of Bath and Bristol, where my son was last week for interviews for aerospace engineering courses. The south west of England had deep snow, and at Bath and Bristol the campuses were littered not only with impressive snowmen, but also igloos. I guess the civil engineers and architects had been busy.


  1. Being a mature student, of course I wouldn't possibly be involved in anything like this ;) Actually the only reason I wasn't was there wasn't enough snow around the uni!

  2. It must have been cute. I just have to imagine that.

  3. Then, all of a sudden, and thanks to the second photo, I realized this was not some monument of stone but a dirty snowball. LOL. Great shot.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. University students would be tall children ? They certainly need to relax ; )

  5. Yes, Congratulations on your 100th post here! What fun! I love your photos, and these are great, too!


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