The Lost World

Mysterious labels appeared in St Andrew's Square Gardens last week. Attached to loop-headed canes, they were so tossed and buffeted by the wind that I had to hold this one steady to get a shot.

After 'The Lost World', I came across:

Frustratingly, the shot I took of the reverse side of this label didn't come out - the wind was so strong that it blurred the words even in my iron grip. I went back yesterday to capture it - but of course the labels had all gone. But I can tell you that it read 'Mighty prehistoric monsters clashing with modern lovers', and that should give you the clue - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book 'The Lost World'.

So the little fluttery labels are a tiny part of a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Arthur Conan Doyle, and the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin. 'The Lost World Read 2009' is a mass read, and more besides, taking place in Scotland and England.

And this has taught me two things about photo-blogging: always take more shots than you think you'll need, and never assume that you can go back to take your photo another day!


  1. I like little mysteries like that. Who placed the labels? Why? Who took them?
    I know what you mean about taking extra pictures. Especially on windy days.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. When I came back to yours I recognized the "lurid" photograph.

  2. very good publicity for an event , Scotland is a windy country ;)

  3. Good advice about picture taking.
    And ALWAYS take your camera along with you.

  4. What a nice, mysterious thing to do, I like this. :) Too bad about the wind, perhaps the labels blew off? I hope they'll fly here. ;)

  5. What a fun way to celebrate! I was also intrigued by the 'loop-headed canes' they were attached to. Is that bamboo (or some other reed) tied into a knot? I've not seen the like hereabouts.

  6. Labels attched to flying twigs - that's a new one on me.

  7. I think the loop-headed canes might be willow - it would be bendy enough.


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