Six Nations cultural mix

Today is Scotland's first game in the annual Six Nations rugby tournament. The Nations are the 'home' nations - Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England, plus France and Italy. Today we play Wales here in Edinburgh. Souvenir shops do brisk and welcome business as a result during the otherwise slow winter months. The window of this shop just off the Royal Mile has everything for the rugby tourist:

  • at the left of the picture, a Welsh kilt outfit. We'll make an honorary Scot of any nationality, and the red Welsh dragon looks particularly fine with the kilt. On the white hooded top 'Cymru' means 'Wales'.
  • in the middle is the green top of the Irish rugby team. Clutching a Scottish rugby ball.
  • the Scottish top is the navy blue one on the right. Not shown, the English top, which is an impractical white with red (but that's just the mother in me talking).
  • then, some essential souvenirs: the silver bowl at bottom left is a quaich, the traditional 'cup of friendship'. This is a huge one, presumably for holding a large quantity of beer.
  • next to the quaich, assorted boxes of shortbread, either for sudden hunger (although chips are the more usual fuel), or for placating any female connections who have stayed at home. If more serious placating is needed, there's a selection of celtic-themed pendant necklaces next to the shortbread.
  • for smaller members of the family, there are snow globes featuring Edinburgh Castle, and a fine doll in full ceremonial kilt regalia.
  • also some boxes of tartan hankies. Why not?
Reflected above all that jumble are the austere lines of the Tron Kirk, which has looked down over various frivolities since 1647.


  1. A lot of to see in that photo ....I would take the shortbreads ;)

  2. What a wonderful much to see.
    We have a "Six Nations" Basketball tournment which started Friday! Our six nations are the nations that make up our coastal First Nations community. For two weeks everyone from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island to Ketchikan and Juneau in Alaska decends on the community of Prince Rupert to fight for the title at the "All Native". The ferry schedule changes, school stops and I am sure our island rises as most of the population leaves....
    By the way we woke to a fresh dump of snow this morning, however that spring sun is making short work of it!
    Thanks for stopping by and nice photo.

  3. Babzy - I think that would be my selection too.

    Carolyn - how interesting about your Six Nations. Although our rugby is important, it doesn't have such an impact on daily life - I'm sure school students wish it did! I've flown from Prince Rupert to Vancouver - what stunning views for the whole flight. I'd love to do it again.

    Jackie - not our finest hour, was it? (26-13 to Wales)

  4. Hi!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog. Nice with visitors from other countries...especially Scotland :-)
    I´ll surf around in here...and return later.
    Have a nice day/Bente
    PS. My english is far from perfekt, but I hope you understand anyway :-)

  5. It´s a nice window but there is nothing for me, sorry!

  6. Bente, your English is great. I'll send my husband to your blog - he speaks Swedish, so it will be good practice for him (not much need to speak Swedish in Edinburgh!).

    Chrome3d - perhaps I can find your sort of souvenir somewhere else if you give me a hint.

  7. Great window display and interesting explanation. Always great atmosphere around the six nations games, which I usually watch some of on television.


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