Scottish skiing

Or rather, the frustrations of Scottish skiing. On Saturday my husband and a friend set off early to drive north to the Glenshee ski area. With decent snow cover at last in the Highlands this was their first ski venture of the winter. A clear, calm day, roads bare of snow - looking good. Until this point.

They persevered and got to within 4 miles of the slopes. The weather was still calm, but the snow gates were across the road. Thanks to Scotland's micro-climates, 4 miles away a blizzard was beginning to block the access roads, and the police were taking no chances.

This Saturday they'll make a second attempt, along with the hundreds of other skiers who spent last Saturday making futile round trips.


  1. Better luck next time! I have good skiing weather here if I wanted to ski.

  2. Nice post, pity about the road when you now have plenty of snow.

  3. Hope they will be luckier ;)

  4. Good luck for Saturday!

    Regarding fire hydrants, my Quest goes on... but it's hard to find an amazing one. I don't give up :)

    Bridgekeeper : "What is your quest?"
    Me : "To seek the Amazing Fire Hydrant" :)

  5. We're heading down south tomorrow and I'm worried we're going to find the same thing (M74 was blocked yesterday in parts apparently).


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