The best of Dunkeld

Sometimes you have high hopes of a place for photo opportunities - a 14th century cathedral beside a fast-flowing river, a 'lovely village of largely whitewashed shops, cottages and hotels' with 'a fascinating collection of shops' as the Undiscovered Scotland site describes it. Road signs point the way to Birnam, scene of 'though Birnam wood be come to Dunsinane' from Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'.

And out of all that I got - nutmeg graters. They were in the window of a 'fascinating shop' (read twee kitchenware for Aga cookers). But somehow I was so disconcerted to find myself a tourist in my own country that I couldn't take a photo of the obvious. We'll have to go back out of season.


  1. When I saw the small picture of this, I thought wow, three towers with red roofs, but nah, historic graters from the late 2000's. Nice shot though.

  2. Twee....a word that most americans don't know...It's great!

  3. That could be anywhere. So, did you get one of these or are you still thinking about it?

  4. That's absolutely hilarious! Suprizingly this american knows what "twee" means if you're maeaning dainty or cute.


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