Golf course wildlife

Fast - and I don't blame it, given the notices posted on fence posts round about.

And slow. The revenge of the mole.

This is the 9 hole golf course at Rothes. Lovingly tended, once a field. And uphill, like many of the courses on Speyside.


  1. Amazing that you got the shot whoops bad choice of words of the deer. I have got some of the revengeful moles in my garden, wish they would clear off to a golf course.

  2. Great capture the deer is beautiful !

  3. That is a classic shot of the deer leaping through the greens. He probably didn't want to get hit by a golf ball. That mole problem looks vile. I don't think that is a good thing for the owner of that course. We have an over population here in our area of deer. It is nothing to see a heard of seven or more, crossing a road or a highway, in town. When the farm fields are harvested we have many accidents with the deer.


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