2009 is the Year of Homecoming for Scots from all over the world. In my own home village tonight will see young and old, natives and exiles enjoying traditional entertainment and delicacies in the community hall. Wish I was there.

* 'weel kent' = well known. Stovies are a traditional, rib-sticking dish which provides fuel on which to dance the night away.


  1. Stovies - a careful blend of tatties, ingins and floor sweepings simmered gently and ingested to provide adequate alcohol soaking properties......
    A must on nights such as these!

  2. Stovies ...i ate it a long time ago !

  3. That should be a very interesting evening. What are exiles? Does you history have a time when people were sent away?

  4. Now if I hadn't been in Kinross that night, I could have gone, it was probably a great night.

    Stovies are the best but how many would have been drinking milk, I wonder?!


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