Just across the road from the department of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh the Festival Fringe generates a lively encampment of food stalls and a beer garden, complete with fairy lights and competing music. About 50 yards away is the Udderbelly - an extremely large, very purple tent in the shape of an upside-down cow complete with legs and, of course, an udder. A venue for comedy, dance, music and theatre.

Now it's all gone for another year, and someone has been moved to express their feelings.


  1. Love it! The picture...and the expression.

  2. LOL! How often do we have that very same sentiment in other areas of our lives? LOL...
    Thinking of you this week and your son going away to University!

  3. Ha - when I read that it was near a university dep I thought it might be an old bit of post-finals graffiti! Whilst I can imagine it must be pretty interesting to have so much going on on your doorstep, for day to day living it must get a wee bit wearing!

  4. I like this kind of very expressive images! :-)

  5. You can´t have a festival every day.


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