Doors Open Day 2009

All across Scotland this weekend doors normally closed were open to the public. Lighthouses, former nuclear bunkers, castles that are private homes, masonic temples are just a few of the places that could be visited free of charge.

This is one normally closed door that I spotted as I passed the Sheriff Court - a Reliance prison van. It was full of eager public, with a British queue waiting outside, and unfortunately I didn't have time to wait.

Next year, we've decided, we must make some time for visiting the open doors. The city centre was thronged with people, Doors Open Day brochure in hand, happily intent in that special way that the Scots have when they're getting something for nothing.


  1. Such a delightful idea. I can think of many places I'd love to have a peek into!

  2. I had no idea there was a Doors Open Day. Must look out for it next year, although I expect you have much more on offer to you down there than we do here!

  3. Hi Linda

    Very interesting. It looks like "les journées du patrimoine" in France, doesn't it?

  4. A bright sunny day. Wow. But haye what is with this contrast. The guy in the middle is all geared up in winter clothing where as the lady at the back seems like having for a tan.


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