Edinburgh taxis - Mary King's Close

The first in an occasional series about Edinburgh's taxis. They're the traditional London black cab, but carrying a variety of advertising, some more interesting than others. This one is advertising what is now a tourist attraction - a series of narrow, 17th century streets (closes) beneath the Old Town of Edinburgh. In the 1750's a new building, now the City Chambers, was built over these old streets, and for many years they were a forgotten archaeological curiosity, until tourism revived them.


  1. What a cute taxi! :D

    And I LOVED Mary King's Close and would recommend it to everyone visiting Edinburgh. That's one of the reasons for why I want to go back. :)

  2. Shamefully, I've never been! I worked for the Tourist Office at the time Mary King's Close was just being opened up to the public, but I left before I could get on a 'fam trip' to it. One to add the to the list.

  3. Mary Kings Close is worth a visit. As a local, I only go when we have visitors - all have found it fascinating, and rather spooky!

  4. I went into Mary King's Close on a private tour before it was opened up to tourism. I thought it was fascinating. I could have stared up for ages at those houses that come out further and further over the close, narrowing the gap as you look up.


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