Reaching skywards

These tall chimneys need a ladder attached to them for ease of maintenance. I love the spiked finials - or whatever they're called! Everything about this roof seemed to be reaching up into the cloudless morning sky.


  1. Oh I just love the chimneys of Scotland. That was something I noticed when visiting Edinburgh a couple of years ago and also when visiting southern Scotland on a few occassions this year.

    If you want to see, here are some of my photos from my first visit to Scotland.

    Lothiane from
    Oslo Daily Photo

  2. I think the tall chimneys helped to carry away the smoke - given Edinburgh's nickname as 'Auld Reekie' they were probably necessary!

    Great photos from your visit to Scotland. It was nice to see Edinburgh Castle. I haven't visited it since I was about 6 years old - the usual story when you live in a historic city with lots of tourist attractions!

  3. It's the same here, we usually visit the sights when we are in school and then forget about them. I'm so lucky to have an English boyfriend who visits from time to time, so I can visit museums and sights. :)

    The fascinating thing about the chimneys in Edinburgh is that you have so many. Just look at that tall chimney, it has several smaller ones on it. You never see that here, at least it's not common at all. I think someone told me it's because the smaller chimneys comes from different rooms in the same apartment?


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