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The Scottish countryside - safely fenced off. Actually this is at a lay-by, and the netting has been installed so that the less considerate motorists, of which Scotland has a few, don't merrily fling their picnic debris into the adjoining fields. All the same, it's a bit frustrating if you want to capture the rural scene beyond when every lay-by on the Edinburgh to Aberdeen road is fenced off like this. But with a bit of fiddling, while teenagers groan 'Muuuum' in the car, the netting can be bypassed.

This is looking towards the Mearns hills. I'm not sure what the turreted mansion is. (Edited to say it's probably a church)


  1. These are times when a smaller camera with a lens you can stick through the netting comes in useful.

  2. You're right! My small camera was packed too deep in the boot to extract just then, or there would have been a family revolt.


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