Wild harvest

Up in Speyside (malt whisky country) for the weekend, we couldn't resist doing some wild harvesting. This is my daughter picking rose hips, with the intention of making rose hip syrup (which didn't get made, but there's only so much you can do in one holiday weekend).

This looks a fairly tranquil scene, but in fact we had the northern version of the gale that brought down the branch in yesterday's post. It was quite tricky picking rose hips, as the bushes were buffeted around by the wind and the thorny branches were going every which way.


  1. Thanks for commenting on Glasgow Daily Photo, I do appreciate it and hope to see you again. I'll add your blog to my blogroll at some point - always glad to discover another Scottish photo blog :)

    On Gardeners World last week they demonstrated making rosehip syrup, I thought I might try it sometime as it didn't look too difficult.

  2. Jackie, it was Gardeners World that gave my daughter the idea, plus a Canadian friend's blog. I knew as soon as I saw Alys wielding pan and rose hips that we too were in for this. As it was we found very few decent ones - either we had been beaten to it, or it's a sign of a hard winter to come!


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