Food for free

The wild blackberries, or brambles as they're called in Scotland, are ripening. I took this photo on the Water of Leith walkway/cycle path which runs through the city from the hills down to the port of Leith. The brambles along the walkway always attract a varied collection of harvesters. This lady was the first I've seen this year, and she was very smartly dressed for the occasion. I didn't dare get any closer for a better shot, or take the time to zoom in. The wrath of an Edinburgh Lady is not to be incurred lightly.


  1. Amazing :)
    Good if there's enougth fruits to make jam

  2. Come come, Linda! The first you've seen!! The Union Canal and other locations (not mentioned in order to protect their anonymity)are awash with pickers.

    There were people picking rosehips and rowanberries from the kerbside outside Cameron Toll shopping centre a couple of weeks ago. Too close to the road even in these lead free days!

    I couldn't help feel a bit smug watching someone raid a clump of elderberry bushes locally: I'd picked enough for a gallon of wine from the same spot a week before.


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