This trio of flags is in Edinburgh's broad and posh George Street, a grand Georgian street that runs behind the famous main street of Princes Street. My daughter and I were frantically searching for a bus stop after a hard afternoon's shopping - because of the tram works many buses are diverted onto George Street, but the diversions are now so thick and fast that the signage doesn't always keep up.

So I didn't have time to investigate in detail why the Scottish and Manx (Isle of Man) flags were there, but the middle one is obviously of the Lighthouse Board, the organisation that oversees the lighthouses and lightships round Britain's coast. I will have to go back to investigate.

The model lighthouse has a flashing light, which is a lovely touching thing.


  1. I like their lighthouse motif, The Northern Lighthouse board also owns the lighthouses of The Isle of Man, Linda, where as Trinity House only own England and Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibralter's lighthouse, Europa Point and Irish Light houses are own by Commissioners of Irish lights so that's why they donned the flag.


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