Tardis coffee stop

For Doctor Who fans - the Tardis coffee kiosk. It promises 'out of this world' coffee. Since I don't drink coffee I can't vouch for that, but it makes me smile every time I pass it, with its pictures of the Doctor, the original blue Tardis (which I'm old enough to remember in black and white on TV), and the childhood terror of every British person over a certain age - a Dalek.

This is one of a chain of 'Police Box Coffee Bars', the owners of which very enterprisingly bought up redundant police boxes across Edinburgh, and perhaps other cities too. These boxes were designed for police patrolling city streets on foot, and offered shelter, a comfort stop, and I don't know what else. They usually had a siren attached to them, to be sounded in the event of national emergency. With the demise of the 'bobby on the beat', the foot-patrolling policeman/woman, they faced removal, but now their future is secure. Here's another, without the time-travelling theme, plus a recent arrival of a Mojo juice box, only a couple of streets away.

If only someone would open a tea box. There is however a porridge stall nearby in the colder months - I'll post a photo once it reappears for the winter.


  1. A porridge stall? Gee your country has so many things that are new to me. This is amazing!


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