Exit route?

I'd promised fellow Scot Alison, now translated to Kansas, clouds for today. But I couldn't resist this topical photo on the day when the UK government took a majority stake in RBS - the Royal Bank of Scotland - in response to our own little corner of the global financial crisis.

And what's their emergency exit route?

There seems to be an opening at the other end. A glimmer of light beyond the thick vegetation. I certainly hope so for the sake of the RBS staff.


  1. That's pretty hilarious! Hopefully I'm transplanted to Kansas, not translated though!

  2. Depends what you feel like! Actually although my mind was also on some Italian translation at the time, 'translated' does also mean 'moved from one place to another' - I just looked it up because I was doubting my aging brain. I begin to detect signs of the other translation in your blog - to me as a linguist you come across more as an American than a Scot - if you'll excuse the personal comment!!!

  3. I shall bow to your superior knowledge on the matter - a linguist I certainly am not! I thought you might have been quoting from my blog profile, which says transplanted.

  4. Oh that is a brilliant and witty post for these times.


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