Are we nearly there?

You can imagine the five year old Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon asking this as the pony and trap, or the stately Daimler, moves slowly down the long driveway towards home. Home was Glamis Castle, seat of the Lords of Glamis since 1372.

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon later became the Queen Consort of King George VI, and after his death the much-loved Queen Mother.


  1. Hello,

    Very well captured. This photo is great :)

    I add your website to my favourites links on my blog. I 'am found of Japan and Scotland. I love the Highlands :)

  2. Lovely..! I wish I could live in a little castle too. :)

  3. Thank you for your comments. Kiji, I promise more photos of the Highlands. Thank you for adding me to your favourites list.

  4. I can't believe my eyes, this looks like the prince's castle in Cinderella! What beautiful photos! I love clouds, by the way. Edimburgh is such a beautiful city...

  5. I love your sense of humor. I guess even small Royals get bored :-) Lovely photo!

  6. Hi :) Thanks for your nice comment to The English Rose 'Glamis Castle'. I have to say, even if the castle is georgeous like a fairytale, i prefer the rose :)


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