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In a corner of Princes Street Gardens, in the lee of Edinburgh Castle, is this link with San Diego. Edinburgh has a famous dog, Greyfriars Bobby, who kept watch over the grave of its master for 14 years. San Diego has a similarly famous dog, Bum, who was, as the plaque says, a 'devoted vagabond dog'. Photo credits here go to my daughter.


  1. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting me in San Diego. The little stick that happens to be in front of the dog in the photo is a nice touch. Yes, there are statues of both Bum and Greyfriars Bobby installed in the courtyard of a historic San Diego building that is now a museum. I tried to get photos of the statues once, but my family was getting impatient with me and the photos didn't turn out well. Maybe I'll try again soon. PS: I'm so happy and relieved about Obama!

  2. Ah yes, Family Impatience Syndrome. I know it well, so I've begun to subvert them by getting them involved...


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