Remembrance Day

A young soldier from the Black Watch, Royal Scottish Regiment, selling poppies for Remembrance Day. He looks so very young, and he already has two medals.


  1. Love it!
    I love the shoes and socks

  2. Heirloomgardener, thanks for visiting. I hope to have garden photos throughout the year, in fact one will be coming up shortly. I'm very envious of your own rose garden.

    Delia, I'm not sure how practical the shoes and socks are. The socks are called spats, and they're part of the traditional dress for Scottish regiments, and also pipe bands. I bet there are Canadian pipe band members busy cleaning their spats even now.

  3. Is this the same uniform as the bagpipe band of Black Watch? I've just heard of them since I play in a bagpipe band myself.

    So young and already two medals... :(

  4. Lothiane, the pipe band will wear a black jacket, and probably white wool socks. I'm impressed by you being in a pipe band in Oslo - do you play Scottish music, or is there Norwegian music for bagpipes?


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