Edinburgh mosque - Skywatch Friday

Morning sky above the Edinburgh mosque, with the University of Edinburgh's Informatics Forum and Appleton Tower crowding in.

This is my first attempt at a Skywatch post - which isn't working but it's too late at night to keep trying!

And edited to have another go, and to direct you to all the other skies on view at the Skywatch site.


  1. Wow - how beautiful. And Edinburgh is beautiful as well - I've been there once and would love to go back. Happy SWF!

  2. What a beautiful sky, and the framing is superb.

    Please be so kind as to link back to the SkyWatch blog community.

    Thank you so much for participating in SkyWatch!

  3. Randi, tusen takk for your comment. Well, I'm looking forward to going back to Norway one day!

    Louise, thanks for your comment. I am trying to link to Skywatch, but it doesn't seem to like it when I link, so I'll have to start again when I have more energy!

  4. that's a stunning picture, and what an atmospheric sky!

  5. Love the angle and the sky framed by the buildings!

  6. Great way to frame the sky, nice job:)

  7. Thanks, Linda. Welcome to SkyWatch! Sometimes these blog things are temperamental!

  8. Thanks for the picture Lindab, it is very good.

    Take care



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