Today's demo

Today's demo in the centre of town was about Guantanamo Bay. I didn't have time to stay and watch, but it seemed to be a low-key Scottish affair. Consultation with a bobby (policeman) is going on at the left, and apparently being recorded by the girl with the sound boom. Over to the right there's a bit of friendly local banter from the passer-by in the foreground.

I've since discovered that the event was organised by Amnesty International, and took the form of a march along Princes Street to the US Embassy, where a sack of letters to President-Elect Obama was presented and a message to him read out.


  1. Interesting. I like seing photos like this, with lots of people and action going on. Seems like you had some nice weather too! Lucky you! :)

    I hope to visit Scotland again sometime soon and hopefully Edinburgh. I miss that city... :)

  2. hello,

    thanks for the report :)

    there also numerous demo in France ;)

    ps: bravo, vous écrivez bien français


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