A tale of two weathers

This morning, 8.00 a.m. Street lights still on, rain lashing down, and a gale blowing. The orange leaves of the beech hedge are blurry with movement. With my wee camera the murkiness of the day doesn't come across, but it was dreary.

Same day, early afternoon. The gale is still blowing, but the clouds have lifted to reveal blue skies. Down in Princes Street gardens the ice rink is being test-skated by a skating club. They're executing pirouttes and dance moves which are definitely beyond the reach of the office parties and once-a-year skaters who will follow.


  1. The changes that took place within the day are dramatic, both having their own unique beauty. Rather interesting to see the ice rink along side the greenery of the hillside.

  2. Beautiful photos, I've enjoyed my visit. You have a great blog.

  3. Wow, it looks fantastic! Oh I want to be there... now..!

  4. Frankie/Nick, the ice rink does get rather...wet if we have mild weather. You're right, the green does stand out against the white of the ice.

    Denise, nice to hear from a transplanted Brit!

    Lothiane, funnily enough, we were just wishing today that we were in Oslo!


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