Winter wonderland

At least it will be, when it's finished. 'Edinburgh's Christmas' is now a brand, enticing visitors from across the world. Two weeks before opening it's rather less than glittering, but work is going on apace. This is the ice rink being laid out. Given our mild climate, the Scots are not natural skaters, and a fair number of bumps and worse will be sustained over the next few weeks.

A sign on one of the barriers promises delights to come, and also gives the standard British apology.

Three days later, and the big wheel is up. On this very grey day, anything less like a winter wonderland is hard to imagine, but with a bit of frost and all the lights sparkling it will come alive again.

Weather: Typically Scottish: frost early, then rain followed by grey skies, and a gleam of sun to end the day. Minimum temperature -1 C, maximum 10 C.


  1. Oh! Princes street garden, isn't it?!

    I love that area, and I'd so much love to visit the winter wonderland when it's ready! :)

    Sounds like we have about the same weather in Oslo and Edinburgh. :)

  2. Yes, it's Princes Street gardens. I'll try to get my night photography up to scratch to give a taste of the sparkly scene when it's all finished.

    Lots of weather in one day - never a dull moment. Actually some of the first Norwegian I learned was through the weather forecast: "regn, stiv kuling. Sno eller sludd byger." Or even, "liten storm".

  3. Haha, yes that's typical weather forecast in Norway, isn't it! I didn't know you speak Norwegian, I'm impressed. :D

    (Or did you tell me at some point?)

    I'm off to Stavanger tomorrow and hopefully no storm or kuling there. :)


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