Kilts for kids

With the celebrations for Saint Andrew's day coming up, the charity Children 1st has decided to tune in to the national mood. What better than to wear the kilt and have friends and relatives make a donation to charity in recognition of your act of bravery?

The weather today? A high of 4 degrees Centigrade, a low of -3.


  1. What a fantastic idea, people get to wear their kilts and raise money for a children's charity.

    I hope they all have a great day.

    Kind Regards, David

  2. Nice idea!

    I just took place in a Saint Andrew's day celebration in Oslo. The bagpipe I'm in played at the Swedish Margaretakyrkan (church) in the center of Oslo. We didn't have time to stay to listen to the rest, but I know they had a concert there after we played.

  3. Good afternoon,

    It's the same weather in Northern France! It was snowing last week.
    I never tried to wear a Kilt : Why not ;)?

  4. Lothiane, I'm impressed by your bagpipe playing. What tunes did you play?

    Kiji, there are now lots of kilt options for people who want to wear the kilt but who don't belong to a clan. Plain black, grey pinstriped...they're very smart.


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