Summer lingers

The Winter Wonderland may be just around the corner, but summer still lingers in sheltered corners such as this garden flat in the New Town. I had a chat with the owner, who was watering plants as I stopped to take a photo, and learned that these basement areas have a favourable micro-climate, sheltered from the bitter East winds off the sea.


  1. Very pretty and I'll bet the white walls help reflect the light so that the plants do better; not a lot of light reaches down to the basements.

    Like you I love this aspect of Edinburgh. It's like a whole other little fantasy world!

    This is why I voted you one of my favorite bloggers :-)

  2. Hi,

    very interesting! I don't remember the name of the garden based on the west coast where there's also a micro-climate. It was a stunning visit :)

  3. Alison, thanks so much, I'm honoured!

    Kiji, is it Poolewe you're thinking of? It's certainly a stunning garden. Because of the Gulf Stream there a few surprising corners on the west coast. The village of Plockton has palm trees.


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