While the big people are out working with the real thing, the small people dream of the day when their turn will come.

I've got used to taking photos in the city and in the country, but here, in my home village, I felt extremely self-conscious. I didn't dare position myself right in front of the house where I might be seen from the window - or even worse if the door opened suddenly.


  1. I know this feeling. Quite often my arty angle is just that, trying not to be noticed.

  2. great photo...I bet someone has a lot of fun with those toys

  3. Hi Lindab:)


    This looks like a little cozy house built with hollow bricks. I am happy to see children play with toys like this which are more practical and useful in their future life. Many parents buy toy guns for their little children to play and thereby making them learn to become violent and unruly when they get old.

    Many thanks for sharing this photo which gives and idea about about your home village life. I feel the owners are a young couple with small children and they love plants.

    Have a lovely day Lindab :)

  4. Even in the city I can't bring myself to do it! So I do know the feeling!

  5. ....looking like an arse with a camera, know the feeling well!

  6. I bet that grass is sweet and juicy.
    How long did you have to wait for those magnificient creatures to appear?

  7. Yep, still trying to look inconspicuous, and I'm sure not succeeding!

    Perhaps they little ones are planning a small extension?


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