Cycling Project - single track

En route to Scourie, and the road has shrunk to a single track. The diamond-shaped sign shows where there's a passing place. Big enough for two cars to pass - a bit of a problem if there's a lorry, even a small one, or a car towing a caravan.

After a zig-zag slog uphill, there's a reward of a view down a sea loch.

Cloud shadows chase over the hills. The patch of yellow is gorse in bloom, which I discovered from a North American blog today is an invasive weed there.

Photo credits to my son, on his S3 Cycling Project.


  1. Your son has taken some great photos. I feel I am seeing a part of the world for the very first time and it is beautiful. Is spring about to happen in this area?

  2. Wow that is some road!! Great pictures!

  3. From my own expirience in trecking bike tours I know that such a tour is very exhausting, but as recompense for the efforts the gained impressions are unique.
    Evidenced by great photos!

  4. These are really great pictures.

    I'm flattered you are looking at my blog from the beginning! If you have any questions about Bhutan you can email me at

    I won't pick up comments that far back.

  5. Despite the hills, it is still very inviting and beautiful. I would love to cycle or hike there. Yes, gorse along with scotch broom are way up there on the invasive species list on Haida Gwaii. I am one of the "witches of Tlell" who weed wrench gorse and scotch bloom from the dunes of Tlell much to the chagrin of the locals "because it is so pretty" however it changes the acidity in the soil and over takes endemic species.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love to cycle those curvy roads :)


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