Cycling Project - en route to Poolewe

The long straight road belies some of the taxing gradients on the route. We re-traced the route by car later that summer, and were impressed by the endurance the group must have shown.

This is Day 3, from Kinlochewe to Poolewe - an up and down slog of 25 miles.

See the Cycling Project explained.


  1. Oh I think I will have to come for a visit and do some cycling. I'm feeling rather cocky after my two months cycling in Ontario. My only concern would be roads without paved shoulders. Ontario would pass me doing 110 kph. Great photos and what a wonderful project. All schools should do this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Carolyn, two months cycling should give you a good start for these hills! When my son did the trip in May there wasn't too much traffic. It gets busier in July and August - relatively speaking. On these roads the traffic speeds would be lower too. The tourists want to dawdle and look at the scenery, so perhaps the danger would be locals overtaking them...

  3. wow what a trip your son took...such beautiful photos!!


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