Cycling Project - Clachtoll to Scourie

Clachtoll Bay with tropical blue and green shades in the sea, before starting on the switchback 49 miles North to Scourie.

The background to all this cycling stuff is here at the start of this mini series.


  1. such beautiful scenery...

  2. Oh my, the colours in that first photo are just stunning!

  3. To me, all the photos are the quintessential Scotland - just how I imagined it to be. Your son took some superb photos. How marvelous to have them. While my son's trip to the historical places in the US was interesting, I wish the schools would organize something like this. What a grand experience.

    PS - RE the comment on the coastal grass/plants - the dark brown is the way some of the grasses look after wilting. The green just lasts from the Jan/Feb rains thru mid-April at best for a dry year & it's been very dry this year.

  4. It could be tropical but that´s because the cold wind doesn´t blow from the screen.

  5. It's all so beautiful. This is such an amazing country!

  6. Your beautiful country is on my travel wishes since I know that my gramp come over from Scottland.
    Your photos and travelogue force me to go as soon as possible.


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