Cycling Project - Slioch

Day 2 and the cyclists were amongst the hills. The peak in the shot above is Slioch, 981 metres, which stands above Loch Maree. The loch apparently has its own monster, related to the one in Loch Ness. No sign of it when the Edinburgh group passed by - it probably had more sense than to show itself.

Edited to add: Day 2 - Contin to Kinlochewe 32 miles
For what the 'Project' is all about, see the first post here.


  1. Mighty looking hills to me. Good luck with them monsters.

  2. Cool shot of a great mountain - your son should be well chuffed with his photographic skills. Never been up Slioch but been up Beinn Eigh which i think's on the opposite bank of the loch.

    It's a beautiful area, well worth a visit.

  3. All these images, and the following posts, are beautiful! I hope your son is well and about!


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